Philo's Flaccus: The First Pogrom (Philo of Alexandria Commentary Series (Society of Biblical Literature), V. 2.) Paperback – November 30, 2005 by Pieter Willem Van Der Horst (Translator) Pieter Willem Van Der Horst (Author) 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings


Det Flaccus, nej det Kellgren är." Löst. blad. Personversar: av Ericus Matthiae Roslagià Sv, Philos. Disputatio Philo-Mythologica De GIGANTIBUS, Quam.

[9] He is filled with self-righteous anger at the people and forces who are acting so immoderately, so irrationally, so unphilosophically. Full text of "Philo of Alexandria, Works (Loeb Classical Library in 12 volumes)" See other formats Alexandriai Philón (ógörögül: Φίλων átírva Philōn, latinul: Philo Alexandrinus), (Kr. e. 25/20 körül – Kr. u. 41/45 körül), röviden gyakran csak Philo, görög nyelvű zsidó filozófus A certain date known from his life comes from his account of the great pogrom in Alexandria which started in AD 38 under the prefect Flaccus, during the reign of the Roman emperor Gaius Caligula. Philo was then chosen to head a delegation (On the Embassy to Gaius 370) sent in AD 39/40 by the Jewish community to Gaius Caligula in Rome.

Flaccus philo

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It will be followed by volume 2 in the series, Pieter W. van der Horst's Philo's Flaccus: The First Pogrom, later in 2005. The Philo of Alexandria Commentary  Philo von Alexandria: Die Werke in deutscher Übersetzung. Welt, übersetzt von Karl Bormann - Köln -- Gegen Flaccus, übersetzt von Karl-Heinz Gerschmann  106), Kapitel 6 auf zwei Aufsätze über „Philo and Plutarch as Biographers. Flaccus beschreibt Philon die Gewalttätigkeiten, denen die alexandrinischen. Philo's 'In Flaccum': Ethnicity and Social Space in Roman Alexandria Flaccus. 95-6.

Torture of the women in the theatre.

Philo's Flaccus book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. This book is the first English commentary on Philo’s In Flaccum since the

Flaccus. 139. 77 Roueché 1993, 125, 134.

The Works of Philo. FLACCUS. I. (1) Flaccus Avillius succeeded Sejanus in his hatred of and hostile designs against the Jewish nation. He was not, indeed, able to injure the whole people by open and direct means as he had been, inasmuch as he had less power for such a purpose, but he inflicted the most intolerable evils on all who came within

Flaccus philo

men blev inte valda. Bättre gick det år  Pantalon bords francs en denim | CÉLINE Celine, Phoebe Philo, Vita Skjortor, Byxor Carpe Diem Quam Minimum Credula Postero (Quintus Horatius Flaccus  Phil. eller Philos. Magrr CARL MAGNUS JOACHIM PETRELLI, Philos.

Kr.–ca 50 e. Kr.) klargjorde att det (October 2012), pp. 256–292 Pers. II 67-70 Translated in Persius Flaccus, A., Lee, G., & Barr,. Bavoux, E. Philosophie politique. I—II.
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Philo's Flaccus. : Philo (of Alexandria.) BRILL, Jan 1, 2003 - Religion - 277 pages.

Page Range: 122–165.
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Following this, Erich Wieger provides a reading of Philo's Flaccus, an account of the anti-Jewish riots in Alexandria in the context of a critique of the Egyptian.

By the time Philo paid a call on the Emperor Gaiusaka the colorfully murderous, pan-sexual Caligulato ask him to fire his anti-Jewish Governor Aulus Avilius Flaccus and stop the riots, two of the five quarters of Alexandria, the New York City of the Roman world, were mostly Jewish. 1 Sep 2005 Related with Philo's Flaccus: The First Pogrom (Philo Of Alexandria. Commentary Series (Society Of Biblical Literature), V. 2.) (Philo Of. a) Flaccus. 461 β) Pilate. 468 γ) Petronius.